Opera works in Whanganui

Whanganui is the home of the New Zealand Opera Training School. The School is the platform for developing the city as a centre of Opera in New Zealand.

Through the last 23 years citizens of Whanganui and visitors from many other destinations have attended the public events hosted by the School in the Royal Whanganui Opera House,  the Collegiate School and other community and entertainment venues.

Whanganui Opera Week is the Community based organisation in partnership with the School. The school is supported by Creative New Zealand, Freemasons Foundation, Foundation North and a number of other private Citizens and Trusts.  

The January school event is increasingly being recognised as an international event. As is the School itself …. many of its singers have gone onto successful national and international recognition.


What makes Opera work in Whanganui?


1 Training of New Zealand students by top professional international tutors and musicians.

2 The City is still largely “ way the world used to be”.

3 It is a colonial heritage city complete with 1899 Opera House modelled on the finest European acoustics design.

4 A school base campus at Whanganui Collegiate School, again to international standard.

5 A strong arts community in voice; dance; and visual arts and creative innovation projects.

6 A unique river and hinterland. The Whanganui River has been known as “the Rhine of the South Pacific”.  


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